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Paul Deloughery: How to Win Disputes Over Life Insurance

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Paul Deloughery recently in the news!

Paul Deloughery recently decided to focus on disputes over life insurance. This news was recently picked up by a number of news channels, such as Fox 8 in New Orleans, thesportship.com, NBC News in Louisvills, Kentuccky, and ABC News in Lawton, Oklahoma.

In the news articles, Paul Deloughery revealed three essential elements that is helping his clients win life insurance beneficiary disputes. Here is a summary:

In terms of insurance claim disputes, there are two types.

  • The first type occurs when money paid by the life insurance company was dispersed to the wrong person.
  • The second, more common kind is when two or more people claim they are the main beneficiary.

In either type of dispute, Paul Deloughery outlined the three key elements he uses to help clients win their claim.

1. Experience in Federal Court

One important component Deloughery sees as a key factor in achieving results is his 19 years of experience in federal court.

“This is vital as disputes over life insurance claims often end up in federal court. People in these disputes can come from different states, and when that happens, the insurance company usually wants the case handled in federal court,” he said.

“Different types of courts have different attitudes. State courts are more intimate and the judges are generally more accommodating, while federal courts are colder and more matter of fact. All they care about are cold hard facts.”

2. Expertise in Interpleader Cases

An interpleader case is one in which the life insurance company deposits the disputed funds into the court and allows the beneficiaries to fight over them.

The level of expertise in interpleader cases is another important factor when looking for an attorney.

One of the reasons for this, he says, is that someone who has dealt with hundreds of interpleading cases is better able to quickly “get a feel for the case” and understand whether or not their client has a strong case or not.

“A less experienced lawyer might do the client a disservice by encouraging them to pursue a course of litigation even if in reality they should walk away,” Paul Deloughery added.

3. Personal Attention

The last crucial aspect that potential clients should be on the lookout for is the level of personal attention given by the law firm and in particular the attorney assigned to the case.

When asked to elaborate, Paul Deloughery said, “Larger law firms tend to have several layers of administrative staff that a client would have to go through before speaking with their lawyer. For the most part, my clients can call and speak with me or another attorney immediately.”

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