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Guardian is someone who is appointed by the court to make legal or healthcare decisions on a person’s behalf. A guardianship may be required if an incapacitated adult can no longer make healthcare or legal decisions on his or her own. It may also be required for a minor child whose parents are no longer available. When you set up an estate plan with Magellan Law, documents naming a Guardian for you and for your minor children (if either of those are ever required) will be included.  If you have not documented your choice of a guardian, then the court could choose a guardian, including a stranger, for you. Guardianship means “control over another person” so it is very important to have thought this through before the need arises.

Guardianship may be necessary so that you can help your loved one make the legal and healthcare decisions that his or her well-being requires.

Here are some of the services Magellan Law can lend our experience and expertise to help you with:

  • Guardianship
  • Guardianship with mental-health powers
  • Establishing an appropriate care plan
  • Ensuring that family members are allowed reasonable visitation with a loved one
  • Limiting visitation by a troublesome family member
  • Helping you communicate effectively with your family so everyone remains appropriately informed about changes in the health of a loved one
  • Ensuring that you comply with the requirements of a guardian

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