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At Magellan Law, we know that you don’t just care about dumping a bunch of wealth in your children’s laps. You want it to mean something. To make their lives better (as opposed to ruining them). Sudden extreme wealth usually leads to bad results, unless the next generation is properly prepared.

In order to prepare your heirs, you need a time-tested method. You need the same techniques that other families have used to pass down wealth for generation after generation.

The problem is that this is not taught anywhere that is readily available. Lawyers don’t know about it because it’s not taught in law school. Financial advisors don’t know about it because it has nothing to do with investments. And CPAs don’t know it because it has nothing to do with taxes or accounting.

Family Wealth Transfer is part of the services that family offices offer their clients with net worths of over $30 million. If you don’t have the level of wealth. You’re stuck trying to piece things together as best as you can.

This leads you to feel hopeless. (If none of these supposed professionals know how to help you, where are you supposed to turn?)

At Magellan Law, we believe you deserve to have access to the information that will let your family prosper and thrive for multiple generations. No more shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.

Founding attorney Paul Deloughery understands what it’s like to feel hopeless with the lack of information. His father had a $28 million estate. As such, he was considered “poor” and did not qualify for family office services. As a result, Paul Deloughery was not prepared for the inheritance that he received when his father passed away. Estate taxes took half (which could have been avoided, but there was a lack of communication and trust within the family). Then Paul make a series of bad investment choices that resulted in the bulk of the inheritance being lost.

This experience was humbling for Paul. Then he realized that this is a very typical story. It is very normal for there to be lack of communication and trust within families. And this causes inheritances to fail. It’s predictable. But it’s also preventable.

That’s why Pal became accredited as a Family Wealth Advisor through the Family Firm Institute. He is also a pioneer in what he calls “Family Wealth Transfer.”

It’s easy to get help:

  1. Fill out the Contact form below.
  2. We will work out a Family Wealth Transfer program for your family.
  3. Then you, your children, and multiple generations in the future will thank you for being a pioneer and setting them up for success.

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