Family Office Advisor

Founding attorney Paul Deloughery has literally written the book on how a family with a net worth of $10 million or more can continue maintain and grow its wealth over multiple generations. His book, The 8 Keys: How Wealthy Families Maintain Their Success, discusses the basic dynamics that a family must master in order to get to the next level.

There are ample advisory firms who focus on serving the under $10 million market. And there are companies that help set up family offices for families worth over $100 million. However, if your family falls between those levels, there has historically been a lack of competent advice available.

The problem is that this. Families with a net worth of $10 million or less typically focus on surviving through retirement and then perhaps leaving something to the next generation. They tend to be relatively short-sighted. However, at about $10 million, we notice that families start to consider how to maintain their wealth for multiple generations. Plus, when there is more than $10 million in net worth, the family’s various investments are often more complicated and require more management and coordination.

Yet, despite a wealthy family’s greater need for greater management and coordination, it isn’t until they have attained at least $100 million that forming a single family office is a viable option. (Definition of Family Office: A holistic, full-balance-sheet organization for managing a family’s various investments.)

Thus there is a gap. Families with a net worth of between $10 million and $100 million need a way of organizing and managing their investments, but the solutions has not historically been available to them. There are limited options available, such as multi-family offices. But those are often little more than glorified wealth management firms.

But there is an option available now. Now, with the use of technology and greater access to information, there are ways of creating the basic mechanisms of a family office without the large expense of hiring a fulltime CEO, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Financial Officer.

Family Office Advisor Services:

1. Family Charter & Compass Creation (Governance, Ethics, Investment Policy, Priorities, etc.)
2. Formalization of the Family Office
3. Direct Investment Strategy & Execution
4. Consolidated Reporting Implementation & Management
5. Family Office Process Documentation & Systematization
6. Operations, Team Management & Hiring/Firing
7. General Counsel, Legal Formation, Trust & Estate Work, etc.
8. Ongoing CEO responsibilities adjusted to each family office depending on needs

Other Family Office Advisor Services that can be provided through outside consultants include:

1. Deal Flow Management, Screening & Structuring
2. Acquisition Target or Portfolio Asset Visits in Person
3. Family Office Executive Search & Recruiting Services
4. Referrals to the best professionals in other areas, such as accountants, psychologists, etc.
5. Ongoing CIO responsibilities as needed

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