Contested Probate

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Settling an estate after a loved one’s death is a complex process. The process can be even more challenging if detrimental disagreements and conflicts arise among the various people who believe they are entitled to an inheritance from the estate. Probate court offers recourse to resolve such disputes.

Here are some of the areas that Magellan Law can help with:

  • If there’s a question about the authenticity of the Will or Trust
  • If family members accuse you, as Personal Representative or Trustee, of not acting appropriately
  • If, as a beneficiary, you want to challenge the Personal Representative’s actions. (For instance, maybe the Personal Representative has stolen or given away estate assets, or is not treating all creditors or beneficiaries equally)
  • If you are a creditor, and the Personal Representative is not settling the estate and paying your claim
  • If the estate involves a blended family, and you need a law firm that understands the family dynamics as well as the law
  • If you need to know your rights and you want to make sure you are treated fairly
  • If there is a claim of undue influence or a lack of testamentary capacity

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