Conflict Resolution

Help with Family Conflict Resolution at Magellan Law

Probate Litigation can be very costly and take lots of time. Our experienced attorneys may be able to help your family either resolve the conflicts before starting the litigation process, or at least shorten the litigation process by arranging for court-sponsored mediation. In some situations, a family will hire us to act as an unbiased mediator to work out the details of a contested will or the estate of the deceased. In other situations, a family member will hire our legal team to represent that person in the mediation process to ensure that our client’s position is heard. Many times conflicts can be resolved by simply talking about the details and allowing a mediator to give each side a realistic perspective of what would likely happen if the case proceeded to trial. The mediator can offer alternative solutions.

At Magellan Law we will listen to your unique situation and let you know the most amicable solution to your problem. We have resolved many conflicts among families, especially blended families, and have often helped them avoid the costly probate litigation process.

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