1. Attorneys

Since its origins in 2007, Magellan Law has consistently been recognized for providing outstanding service to our clients. As one of the nation’s leading law firms focusing on serving the unique needs of families worth over $10 million, especially in the area of forming family offices, Magellan Law offers a dynamic and high-profile practice in a supportive atmosphere that emphasizes our core values of excellence, collegiality and teamwork, and the balance between work and family life.  We consistently strive for excellence in the representation of our clients, and our greatest strength is the quality and experience of our lawyers and staff.  Magellan Law rewards employees for their exceptional work by providing competitive salaries and a broad array of benefits.

2. Law Students

We hire law students who have outstanding academic credentials, and a strong desire to become excellent attorneys.  Our goal is to recruit and develop colleagues who will contribute to our firm culture of teamwork, mutual support, and a commitment to excellence in the practice of law.  In other words, we look for students who have a strong desire to do what we do - work collaboratively, creatively and vigorously to represent the needs and interests of our clients.

3. Paralegals

At Magellan Law, we give our paralegals challenging work that allows them to use their full set of skills and allows the firm to provide excellent legal representation for our clients.

At Magellan Law, paralegals and estate accountants are assigned to specific practice areas and work primarily on matters in their area. We view paralegals as professionals who are an integral part of the team that provides legal services for our clients. They routinely work directly with attorneys and clients and are entrusted with significant responsibilities, like developing databases, creating client presentations, and managing large projects.

4. Professional Staff

Our firm employs professional staff in a range of position.  We seek qualified individuals interested in working as part of a team whose goal is to provide our clients with excellent legal services.  To those individuals, we offer a collegial, supportive, and professional firm culture that encourages creativity, embraces diversity, allows individuals to grow and develop new skills, and provides competitive pay, benefits, and programs.