Will my kids be able to enjoy the same lifestyle?

By pwsadmin | October 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

“Will my kids be able to enjoy the same lifestyle as me?” That’s a question that many people worth $10 million U.S. or less have. How do I know this? Because I’ve been an estate planning attorney since 2001. A number of my clients are worth around $10 million. If your net worth is around $10 million, […]

Parenting: Raising children to be motivated

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How do wealthy people raise their children to become self-motivated and resilient? The short answer is that rich parents teach their kids three main things: (1) to dream big and take risks, (2) to guard their money and spend it strategically, and (3) not to be nostalgic, but to focus on the future. In this blog, we’re going […]

Joint Tenancy: How to Record Death Certificate?

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Do you and your husband (or wife) own a house in joint tenancy and your spouse has passed away? How do you transfer title to just you? Most people will tell you just to record the death certificate. But is that the proper way? How do you record your spouse’s death certificate? Keep reading and find out . . . Many […]

What’s a Special Warranty Deed?

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Title companies don’t want you knowing about this trick. For instance, Old Republic Title provides various sample documents on their website. But they don’t provide a Special Warranty Deed. There are different types of deeds: Quit Claim Deeds, General Warranty Deeds, Trustee Deeds. I could go on. Below I’ll explain why Special Warranty Deeds should be used […]

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Informal Probate?

By pwsadmin | August 14, 2016 | 2 Comments

After a loved one dies, one of the tasks is administering your loved one’s estate. You want to make a smart decision and not give everything to lawyers or the government. I understand. But, here’s the thing. Sometimes you can do it just fine without a lawyer. But sometimes things go wrong. And it’s hard for you (as a non-attorney) to […]

Trustee Doesn’t Want to Sell the House

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We get this a lot: Mom or dad just died. House was in a trust. Now your brother or sister is in charge of the trust (as the trustee). The trustee doesn’t want to sell the house or distribute anything. What are you (the beneficiary) supposed to do? Here’s a checklist. Do you have a copy of the […]

If No Contest Clause, Use a Declaratory Judgment

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A No Contest Clause basically says “If anyone contests what I said in this document, they don’t get anything.” The problem with a No Contest Clause is that no one knows what a “contest” is. If the executor or trustee isn’t doing his or her job, and you file something with the court complaining about that, is that a […]

Document preparation company for a probate?

By pwsadmin | July 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

Document preparers promise to do cheap divorces, bankruptcies … and probates. Is this a good idea? Should you use a document preparation company for a probate? The short answer is NO (for most situations). I’ve been practicing law for 15 years now. I believe a document preparer could work if you have a very basic situation. Basic situations might […]