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Is a South Dakota Trust the Best for Asset Protection?

South Dakota claims to be becoming the global leader in sheltering fortunes from governments and tax authorities. Wealthy individuals are sheltering $300 billion in South Dakota trusts, according to one source. You may have heard about how Texas billionaire Ed...

Ed Bosarge and South Dakota Trust

The Wyoming LLC Scam

If you're looking for the best lawsuit protection for a new business, you've probably run across websites promoting different state LLCs (limited liability companies). Wyoming is probably the most popular. Also in contention is Alaska, Delaware, and Nevada (amongst...

Wyoming LLC Scam

The Great Asset Protection Hoax

When I was 4 or 5 years old, it was the early 1970s. My mom, stepdad and I first lived in Los Angeles. Then we moved to Spokane, Washington. Back then, truck stops and local diners always had a "local jackalope". Even as a 5 year old, I only thought it was kind of...

Jackalopes, asset protection, and other hoaxes

How to Prevent Future Garnishment

If you've been sued and you have a judgment against you, one way the creditor can get paid is by garnishing your wages. This means they take up to 15% of your earnings until the judgment is paid off. For most people, 15% of their earnings is a big deal. However,...

Prevent Garnishment; turn lemons into lemonade

How Should You Own Physical Gold or Silver?

The current economy is causing more people to buy gold and silver. As a result, the price of gold has risen recently to a 7.5-year high. Some people are buying into programs where you buy gold and they store it for you. One such example is the Tocqueville Gold...

How Should You Own Physical Gold or Silver?

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