Our Team at Magellan Law Firm, Estate and Probate Lawyers in Scottsdale, AZ

Our team at Magellan Law consists of experienced and passionate attorneys. The founding attorney, Paul Deloughery, brings a unique perspective and passion for guiding families towards multi-generational success. Magellan Law provides honest, ethical, and accurate legal advice to help successful families navigate challenges with probate, trusts, estate planning, business planning, and any other facet of family wealth planning.

Paul is passionate about helping families successfully transfer wealth from one generation to the next, so that the inheritance “sticks” and isn’t squandered or lost by subsequent generations. He insists on doing the right thing. His personal experiences have helped him realize that proper estate and wealth planning must be a process, not a transaction.

Lessons You Won’t Learn from a Book

Paul has handled many probate and estate situations on a personal level, which gives him a very realistic approach to his probate and estate planning law outlook. He knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed by a loved one’s death or to struggle with family dynamics. Magellan Law has helped many families settle estates even when the family members are located in different states or different countries. We are equipped with the latest technology to do all meetings virtually and electronically sign documents.

Magellan Law is committed to serving Arizona with fair attorney fees, probate solutions and estate planning guidance. Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of your current estate plan and let you know what can be added or should be changed. For client families that own businesses, we will conduct a comprehensive review of the overall legal structure to make sure the family is set up to avoid unnecessary losses and mistakes.  We want to think like master chess players and avoid a checkmate.

Personal Service from the Family Wealth Protection Attorneys

Probate law is a complicated area. The attorneys and team at Magellan Law will handle your case personally, and discreetly if needed. If you have a question, they will be available to give you an answer. In fact, when you call the firm for the first time, chances are you will speak with an attorney immediately. We believe a smaller firm allows us to focus on our clients and treat them as we would like to be treated. We will spend the time necessary to complete your probate, trust, estate or wealth management case properly. Larger firms seem to focus on numbers generated. To us you are someone who has worked hard to earn your assets and deserves the personal service from a caring Scottsdale probate and estate planning attorney.

Why is our Firm named Magellan?

Paul Deloughery was inspired by the great Portuguese explorer for which he named his firm. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who organized the Castilian expedition to the East Indies from 1519 to 1522. He set out from Spain in 1519 with a fleet of five ships to discover a western sea route to the Spice Islands. En route he discovered what is now known as the Strait of Magellan and became the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean resulting in the first circumnavigation of the Earth.

Much like this leading and determined explorer, larger, and sometimes complicated, family units are like cross-seas sailing ships, and the members of the family are like the crew. The ship together is stable and dependable, and when it hits rough water the crew reacts to what is expected of them. Most family members are trained well to work together, able to handle any situation; and the ship (that becomes the trusts, the LLCs, the partnerships, and other legal structures used to organize the family and its businesses) needs to be both agile and strong so that the freight (the family’s wealth) is protected no matter what situation arises. Magellan Law will help your family navigate the storms of probate litigation, estate planning, business planning and family wealth planning and we offer so many more services than just text book legal advice.

Our team can help you prepare your children for future wealth, and we can help resolve family disputes.  Our goal is to:

1. Avoid probate proceedings upon death or disability

2. Avoid death taxes

3. Protect your assets from lawsuits

4. Allow you to keep control until you die or become disabled

5. Provide harmony within your family

6. Provide amply for your care and then distribute the estate equally to your children and grandchildren but in a way that avoids creating trust fund dependency

7. Handle your medical and unforeseen emergencies

8. Provide protection from having any of your property being seized by the creditors of your children and grandchildren, or involved in their divorces

9. Generally structure you for the success and security of your family and business

10. Reduce income taxes

Contact us at Magellan Law for a private and complimentary consultation. If you decide to work with our Scottsdale probate law firm we will give you the personal service your family deserves.


Paul Deloughery

Senior Attorney, Scottsdale, AZ Probate and estate planning attorney