Date:20 Feb, 2016

Skills:Office Amin. & Legal Assistant



Mia is a master of orchestrating the important details that make a law firm successful. Her outgoing, compassionate and understanding demeanor will put you at ease as you work with our team to navigate the legal waters of your unique situation.  Mia has an innate ability to tackle details and find solutions to problems that are typically found out of the box.

She makes a commitment to help others and serve where she can, while appreciating the gifts of others as well. She has made a positive impact on community participation when happily volunteering through outreach programs such as those that serve the homeless and struggling families.

Mia began her legal career working in law enforcement for Arizona DPS.  She was assigned to the graveyard shift working in records and also helped process new arrested criminals through fingerprinting.  She started working at a law firm after her second daughter was born when she sought the best solution to working “days”. Law became her arena; she loved it very much.

Mia served attorneys and honored her paralegal skills for about 10 years before taking a leap of faith and making a complete career change.  She went to work with a prominent and successful Arizona advertising photographer as his location production manager.  She became quick with details, juggled million dollar budgets and became impeccable with time and people management skills. By the end of her first year in this new career field, she had quit working for someone and launched her own production company. Her combined skillset of marketing, legal understanding and business connections helped her focus on large scale national print campaigns, music videos and TV commercials.

Her next leap of faith brought her to New York City where she had dreamt of working since she could remember.  In New York, she quickly landed a job with Viacom as their sole paralegal working on the very successful and highly anticipated Paramount merger AND a birds-eye view of the Empire State Building right at her fingertips to boot!! After the merger, she hobnobbed between the hallways of Viacom’s channels: MTV, Vh1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Showtime coordinating off and on-air promotions. When her contract came to an end, she continued to work in Manhattan at such other prestigious companies as Coach Leatherwear, Estee Lauder, and supporting ad agencies. She also picked up some independent films, cable networks and reality TV credits.

In March of 2016, Mia and one of her daughter’s arrived back in the Valley to be closer to family.  She made a home in Scottsdale and was fortunate enough to start working with Magellan Law. Her combined legal and marketing backgrounds along with her compassionate personality makes her a great fit here at Magellan Law. She helps in every aspect of our client’s cases and her broad life experiences helps her connect with our clients on a personal level.

Mia is a lifestyle enthusiast in her free time. She embraces most anything active outdoors including snow skiing, biking and hiking. She is spiritual in many teachings and knows where to find her Zen in any moment of the day.