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Magellan Prenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement, commonly referred to as a “Prenup”, is a protective contract which is agreed on before marriage. Many people see a Prenup as negative, when in fact, it is used to make sure there are no misunderstandings between the couple about property or money. Some states, such as Arizona, have “community property” laws that essentially say that upon divorce all property, including money, possessions, debt and real property, is divided 50/50. Many Prenups are created when there are blended families with step children involved. A Prenup will state what money, possessions, debt or real property each party had before the marriage and how those items will be disbursed upon separation or death. Families that have large businesses oftentimes sign Prenups so in the case of death, the business will stay in the originator’s family instead of going to the spouse and their family. Prenuptials should not be viewed as bad – but rather a responsible way to communicate all intentions.

The attorneys at Magellan Law have drafted many Prenuptial Agreements.  They are very common in Scottsdale marriages. If you feel the need to execute prenuptial documents, please contact us at 602-443-4888. If your fiancé is having difficulty understanding the reasoning of a prenuptial agreement, we would be happy to explain the legal advantages of the document and will answer any questions.

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