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Complimentary Review of Life Insurance at Magellan Law

Do you have enough life insurance to pay for your spouse and children should you die or become incapacitated in the next 5 years?  Will your family be able to pay the mortgage? How many years will they be able to live off your life insurance proceeds?  What are the details of your life insurance policy?  Magellan law will do a comprehensive life insurance review to make sure all of these questions are answered.

Magellan life insurance reviewCommon mistakes in purchasing life insurance are:

  1. Naming the wrong beneficiary. If you name a person, rather than your Trust or simply your estate, then that person gets all the money despite what your Will or Trust says.
  2. Having the wrong life insurance product. It’s common to purchase one type of life insurance product and then have it become obsolete because your life changes.  For example, you may have purchased an expensive whole life insurance policy, but then your circumstances changed and you no longer need it.  Now you are stuck with a “sunk cost” situation.  You have put so much money towards the policy over the years, that now you feel emotionally driven to keep funding it month after month.

Chances are you signed up for a life insurance policy, didn’t read the contents of the contract, filed away the signed paperwork and forgot half of the policy details.  It is always better to have a second professional review your life insurance policy.  The experienced attorneys at Magellan Law will do a detailed life insurance review and analysis.  They’ll find out what your current financial needs are for your family and how long your policy will cover those needs. We will be honest with you and let you know the benefits of your policy and other choices you may have.  We do NOT sell life insurance or receive any commissions so this analysis is purely a service to our clients. We want to make sure your family is protected for the future.

Contact us for an initial life insurance review by one of our experienced Scottsdale estate planning attorneys at Magellan Law. We’re here to help.

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