Post-Nuptial Agreements

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Post-nuptial agreements Magellan LawA Post-Nuptial Agreement is a contract executed after a couple gets married. It allocates the disbursement and division of the personal money, possessions, debt and real property upon divorce or death. A Post-Nuptial can incorporate a business and list different “rules” spouses agree to.  This agreement is usually created when one spouse has a large estate and/or assets and wants to make sure those assets stay in his or her side of the family instead of being given to the spouse’s family after death.  A Post-Nuptial Agreement is not as common as a Pre-Nuptial Agreement.  You are taking a big risk by waiting until after marriage to sign this contract. Should your spouse not agree to the terms after you are legally married then the “community property” laws will apply in states that enforce them. Arizona is a community property state which means upon divorce, all property, including money, possessions, debt and real property, is essentially divided 50/50. Either spouse has the free will right to commence the creation of Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

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