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Magellan Law Probate and estate planning lawyersWe believe the family is much like a ship – the more financially successful the family, the more complicated it can be to navigate when the ship hits rough waters. We understand probate and estate planning may be stressful and complicated, but Magellan Law can help guide you through the legal process. Our process is different from other firms.  We take the time to understand your unique situation and come up with a strategy to help you.

Our Process When You Contact Magellan Law

Contact us at Magellan Law 602-443-4888

When you call our office, you will be able speak directly with either Paul Deloughery or Bernard Johnsen if they are not in court or an outside client meeting. Both are experienced probate and estate planning attorneys based right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. They will discuss your case and decide on the best course of action your estate requires.

We offer a FREE consultation that is personal and thorough. There is no obligation to hire us when you meet with us that first time. We want you to be comfortable with who we are as much as we are analyzing your needs. This first consultation will work both ways.

Magellan Law also works with many clients who live out of state or abroad, so if you’re not able to come to the office, we’ll be happy to conduct consultations, updates and meetings virtually. Our Scottsdale law office is equipped with the latest technology to allow us to meet virtually and to securely exchange documents online.

Free Initial Consultation with an Experienced Senior Attorney

When you arrive at the office, we may have asked you to bring some basic paperwork about your situation so we can determine how to best serve you. Either Paul or Bernard will sit with you and go over the specifics of your case and answer any questions you may have.

There are many ways to set up an estate plan, handle probate litigation, mediate family disputes or prepare a family wealth and enhancement plan. Magellan Law excels at creative problem-solving and thinking outside the box. Some options that our attorneys suggest may not be the most conventional way to set up your estate plan, but it may have tax benefits or other positive benefits that other less experienced attorneys have not have thought of. The benefit of working with a smaller firm like Magellan is that you will get the one-on-one personal service you are seeking and we will listen to your unique situation.

Magellan Law - our process


Estate planning: During our first meeting, we will discuss your goals and come up with a plan for meeting those goals. We will then draft your documents and send them to you for review (in about two weeks time) where you’ll make any adjustments you think are important. We will then finalize your wishes and schedule the next meeting for you to come sign your documents. This is the time we call your Signing Ceremony. At this time you can bring your spouse or certain other family members that your plan includes.

Probate cases: The time it takes to complete a probate case varies widely and depends on the specifics of your case. A typical probate matter, or estate administration, lasts between six months to one year. Conservatorships and Guardianships can take from two to four months.  However, if there is an emergency, there are ways of getting the court to act quicker. Unfortunately, some complicated probate-related disputes can last much longer and even years. Every case is different and has a unique sequence of events that requires attention and knowledge. We will work diligently to get results and to carry out your loved one’s wishes.

During our time of representation, we are available to speak with you at most any time, and we take the time to update you with new information. We will check in regularly to see if things have changed and if at any time you have a question we here to assist YOU.

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